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Refine webYourGroupUserReportVer to ensure a more elegant and focused presentation for the end user.

right now the webYourGroupUserReportVer page is a bit of a heap. for the end user it features the wrong content and doesn't feature the important content. honestly its a bit of an embarrassment as is.

The Vertical view below (webYourGroupUserReportVer) should be reordered and improved as follows. Currently it is grossly different than the data entry view and the data entry view make more sense. The big issue with the current view is that we are not focusing the end users attention in the right places.

  • Rule Info & Impact

    • Group (previously "Group ID", as a rule if we are not showing the ID we should rename)

    • Report Type

    • Quality Dimension

    • Data Quality Rule (Could be Abbreviated to “Rule” but I don’t have an issue with the full name)

    • Implication (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • Prescribed Remediation (A new text area field) (Hide for Info and metric?)

    • Comment

    • KPIs (A new text field with a denormalized list of KPIs to which this rule relates. The value should hyperlink to the normalized KPI list. With additional details about each KPI)

  • Results

    • Status (This needs a better name, I haven’t found the right one yet, would love to brainstorm) (White for Info, not sure on the treatment for metric reports)

    • Sigma Score (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • OPPORTUNITIES (Hide If No Opportunity View Assigned)

    • DEFECTS (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • Record Count (Hide for Error, Same as Defects but only used for Info and metric)

    • DPMO (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • DEFECT PERCENTAGE (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • DATA QUALITY SCORE (Hide for Info and Metric)

    • Trending (New Field Looking At how the DPMO is trending over a configurable period of time.)

  • Business Value

    • Currency (I am fine keeping this but I would argue that for the purpose of these values that having a standard of USD should be fine worldwide)

    • The cost of risk incurred by inaction; be that regulatory, financial or time inefficiency, distrust, dissatisfaction, or business process interruption.

    • The cost of unplanned/fire drill fixing of one record

    • The cost of fixing 1 record as part of organized remediation, leveraging lower cost resources, and mass updates were appropriate.

    • Aggregate Savings of organized remediation over Inaction and unplanned remediation X #Defects

NEW TAB for Technical Details

  • Technical Details

    • Repository

    • Opportunity View

    • Report View

    • Where Clause

    • Order By

    • Threshold

NEW TAB User Settings

  • User Settings

    • Favorite


  1. “Scorecard Link” goes away as it deprecated according to documentation

  2. On the report gen info tab we can remove the opt and defect counts as they are would now be on the general page.

  • Jeremiah Gilmore
  • Aug 3 2021
  • Likely to Implement
  • Aug 5, 2021

    Admin response

    Lots of good things in here. We are in the process of building a cloud native data quality solution where a lot of these things will be addressed (KPIs, OKR etc..) Some of the things we can clean up in SDQ though.

    Created different pages for other report types as been a thing in the backlog not sure if we will spend the time with the effort going into cloud native DQ.

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