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Make REST or SOAP API to allow automating Synity externally

Make a REST or SOAP API calls for which we could perform traditional tasks such as run a collect refresh, create jobs, retrieve job results, etc.

In summary, allow to automate Syniti standard operations and procedures

This would allow integrating Syniti as part of larger and complex business scenarios in which syniti can take part, for example in process orchestration scenarios with Redwood, Control-M, Tivoli, cloud pipelines, etc.

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  • Oct 15 2020
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  • Oct 16, 2020

    Admin response

    This is possible today leveraging Syniti Universal Connect turning our delivered or even custom stored procedures in the DSP to a web-service. That is if a web-service is needed. there are other connection methods that 3rd party schedulers can use to just directly call the api* stored procedures without having to make a web-service intermediary.

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  • Bert Willekens commented
    8 Dec, 2021 11:28am

    Good would be to have REST or SOAP APIs integrate into the SKP Platform, like BAPI support for Integrate.
    The setup of Syniti Connect takes time and costs extra licence as it relies on Dell Boomi.