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Add dedicated field(s) in DSP to connect to Entota Cloud rule

Add a field in each module (Monitor, Compose, Conduct) that shows the Rule ID (e.g. RU1234) and links back to the Entota Cloud rule.  The link should be clickable for ease of use.  This field could then be parameterized for use in email notifications, pop-up displays, etc.


We need better ways to trace rules from Entota Cloud to DSP and then back.

  • Ying Hickey
  • Mar 25 2019
  • Shipped
  • Mar 25, 2019

    Admin response

    Already planned are specific fields in the DSP platform that can be used to reference the Entota URL or something else even.

    Something that already exists is a few plugins that can be installed on any page in the DSP that allows a user to find terms in

    1) Column Headers on a page

    2) Data on a page that can be parsed using the Google Natural Language API

    3) Soon to come (sometime in the next week or so) - Chrome Plugin that searches all of Entota, identifies terms via Google Natural Language API and and provides a link to search Entota for that concept. Following that up are (Office 365 and Office plugins, Edge Plugin, your favorite BI tool plugin, etc...)

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  • Admin
    Andy Lund commented
    14 Oct, 2019 02:01pm

    This feature was shipped in DSP 7.0.6.