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Update "Concurrent Pool" value for user(s) via QAS database

Due to some latency issues with the Administration interface in relation to updating user accounts, it would be nice if anything that can be changed in the GUI could be changed directly in QAS database. In particular for this suggestion, the "Concurrent Pool" value is displayed (in the DB) as "PoolName", but the actual membership is defined in the PermissionStruct value (a 65,000+ character field). In a recent audit of our users, it was discovered that 78 of them are in the Professional User Pool but actually should be in the Business User Pool. Having to update those one by one in the Administration GUI will be very time consuming.
Understandably, this is probably not a very common activity for anyone, so the amount of effort to make this happen may not be worthwhile; but wanted to throw it in the ring anyway.

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  • May 15 2023
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