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SDW Download queries should support overriding of (output) column names (or options)

Currently downloaded data is presented with 2 rows of column headers as depicted below. Would be useful to have flexibility here support options, could be a setting at query level and/or with override at field level to override default behaviour to one (or all of):

Query level

  1. Omit 2nd line

  2. Toggle 1st line between technical/business

  3. Change technical format to only include field name (omit table/tilda seperator)

Field level

(nice to have but REALLY nice to have)

Allow for override, similar to "AS [new field name]" in ANSI/SQL / output override in SSMS query designer.

Current Output Format (unchangeable)

1st Header Line: [TableName]~[FieldName] e.g. MARA~MATNR

2nd Header Line: [Description] e.g. Material Number

Kindly consider this enhancement, I believe it would add significant value. Tried many attempts to "hack" the exported query definition, but there does not appear to be a workaround available as confirmed by support. Thank you.

  • Pedro Cardoso
  • Jul 22 2021
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