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Add native SSL support to the Ritmo/i Driver

We are currently in the process of changing every connection to our IBM i to SSL, therefore also connections from Synity Data Replication are affected. We were already in contact with support, see the following posts:

The conclusion was that we should either install the "Hit SSL Server", which uses a depricated TLS version which is no longer secure and has some security flaws. Second proposal was to install Safe Conduct which substitutes the HiT SSL Server. Also this option is not perfect as we would need another piece of software installed on IBM i which needs support and maintainance, as well as additional licensing costs.

Best option and solution in our opinion is to provide this option directly with the Ritmo/i driver without having to install an additional driver on the IBM i. Also other drivers can provide this option natively.

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  • Nov 7 2022
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