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deleting and refreshing data in one transaction

we always put replications in groups.

in a group with refresh replications the following options would be great:

  • option if truncate or delete is done

  • when deleting then all the delete and insert should be made in one transaction

then an application using the replicated data would not have a gap where no data is available

update: this feature should work with new staging table for refresh replications.

after staging data the target table shoul be deleted and inserted in one transaction.

we use replications of tables with 2,5million of records, the gap while inserting data from staging table is up to one minute

update2: just found an old comment: syniti plans to do a merge instead of truncate/insert. this would solve this.

probably this feature comes with v10?

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  • Aug 25 2022
  • Sep 2, 2022

    Admin response

    The Refresh Staging was introduced in Syniti Data Replication v9.8.1

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