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Write Log to 'File' Syniti DR reader


I would like to propose an added feature of Syniti Data Replication manager. There is several options in Log Settings, Write Log to File, Database, Windows Event log, log4net. Our policies are no user access to the SDR servers. The SDR management feature allows the users to access SDR, but in order to access the logs the 'write to log' file will need to change to 'write to log' database. Which then poses another issue. The database file size can grow 20GB and more. Which is our case. And that's just one SDR server. Not to mention the timeout issues when our dev team accesses SDR management client locally and verify the logs. I have created a share and allowed the users required to access these logs. What is required now is to have a log reader to these file located on the share. This method aligns with our security policies and yet have the dev team access the 'write to logs' File. The response time to access these 'write to log' File is much quicker.



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  • Feb 8 2022
  • Planned
  • Mar 28, 2022

    Admin response

    Thanks for registering the idea. We are currently integrating the SDR solution into our Syniti Knowledge Tier cloud product and as such when this initial integration is complete, all logs will be available via the SKT no matter where they are stored on the backend. This would provide you with the ability to read the logs without needing someone to directly access the SDR server.

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