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Auto Partitioning

It's my understanding that the concept of partitioning is just virtual within the logic for multi-threading and it doesn't actually affect the data storage. Currently, you have to manually enter all of the individual partition filters. It would be convenient if you could specify a field/expression and the application would automatically generate partitions based on the results of that field/expression. For example, if I selected a Company field, it would automatically create partitions by the Company field. If/when a Company is added, another partition would be added. If/when a Company was deleted, that partition would be deleted automatically. I envision it simply as a button on the Partition dialog that reads live data, grouping by the field/expression, and creates/deletes the partitions filters. As it is currently implemented, you have to either make sure that you maintain the filters as the data changes or write filters that use ranges to handle any data changes.

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  • Aug 8 2023
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