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Automatic Refresh based on Sort Column

Currently, the Replication Monitor page automatically refreshes the Record Counts, Statuses, etc. as the Mirroring runs (every minute).

It would be a nice feature if there was an option that could be enabled/disabled to automatically re-apply the column sort as well.

Some examples where that would be useful:
-if I'm Refreshing a large number of tables, it would be convenient to keep the page refreshed by the Replication Progress % column. That way, all of the tables that are not finished yet could naturally float to the top.
-If I sort by the Last Replication Status column, any Errors could automatically float to the top.
-If I sort by the Transaction Latency Descending, any longer-latency Replications would automatically float to the top. (By the way, you currently can not sort on the Transaction Latency column at all.)

Currently, if you have more than a screenful of Replications, you have to periodically manually re-apply the sort or scroll down to see the changes happening.

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  • Aug 8 2023
  • Jan 18, 2024

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea registration. We'll include this in the SKP Cloud Monitoring UI as we improve the monitoring capability and UX

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