S4 HANA extration with CURR datatype fields


In ADMM, when we extract data from S4 HANA (ODBC) for tables with field datatype as CURR. The SQL table is created with the field datatype as "money" and the replication job fails.

Instead, if I maintain a datatype setup as CURR = DECIMAL(15,2).

Then build &refresh replication. The table is created correctly and the replication job works fine.

Can we add this CURR to translate as DECIMAL(15,2) by default?

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  • May 17 2023
  • Jan 18, 2024

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea. I've passed this on to our Migrate team as they are the ones that create the target table. You can make this change in the configuration area of Migrate today under the administer menu item but we'll look to change the default setting

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    Jon Green commented
    18 Jan 12:37pm

    @John Munkberg seems like a simple change to the default field datatype for CURR fields in Migrate when creating the tables?