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Add Ability to Delete SKP Items

It would be great to be able to Delete SKP Connectors and Users (not just disabling). As an a bonus, have some kind of auditing in place to track when/who does these kinds of changes

  • Eric Weldon
  • Jun 30 2023
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    John Munkberg commented
    6 Jul, 2023 03:04am

    Deleting accidental stuff makes sense. Oops, that's not what I meant to create. But, once a user transacts in the system we often end up with a bunch of orphaned records where we can't identify a username because the person no longer exists in the system. Esp if using cryptic IDs. Today we use Email Address - so it's less of an issue. It might be ideal to truly delete if there is no related items to that Object. But that can be expensive. Or, you just "Mark" them for deletion and they dissapear from the UI so you are not bothered by them... But - agree, especially with the connector, where we don't have any way to remove it. Worst case we maybe have one of these "Are you Really, Really, Really" sure because it would create some orphans.

    Orphans are more of a problem currently because it's not easy (today) for the SKT Connection to "know" that Migrate is using it, SDR is using it, Match might be using it, etc. I don't think we can delete a connector until we mature a bit more to expose that information in a way the Connector can use to say "Can't delete this because there are XX references to this connector.

    But - 100% this will happen. On the roadmap - no date yet.