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Column Property :: Label: Ability to fix in Expanded State

In building webapps for MDM, we have used Labels as natural dividers to section pages into relevant data entry groups.

Our problem is that our solution is open to anyone in the client workforce, circa 50k people - who are not daily DSP users and who are not trained.

We are finding that if they accidentally click a label it collapses. Being that they accidentally clicked it, they just see the fields disappear and think there is a problem. With the ultra-wide screens these days the + sign is way over on the right and not obvious.

I would like a feature added to the label to keep it in the expanded mode. So when the user clicks it does not collapse.

Alternatively, a new column type of "Section Header" to function in the same way.

This is really important for our UX/UI of business users who are too many to train.

  • Mark Coghill
  • Feb 23 2023
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