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Add semicolon as additional delimiter to File Input feature in Match Desktop

In most European and many other countries, a comma is reserved for the decimal symbol. In these many cases the list separator is generally set to semicolon. That is why the result is CSV semicolon delimited. Therefore apps and programs in these countries often use the semicolon as a delimiter for the export of CSV files, in spite of the name csv.

But Match Desktop offers only for commas, pipes or tabs as delimiters. This makes it impossible to use semicolon delimited text files for Input without using some preprocessing or changes to regional settings, both painful and potential causes of errors.

The best solution would of course be to make the list of delimiters in Match Desktop configurable. But for the short term I suggest to add the semicolon to the AFAIK hardcoded list of delimiters and make sure that the semicolon works as well as the comma.

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  • Jan 17 2023
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  • Emily Williams commented
    21 Feb, 2023 02:56pm

    Emily, PM here, this a good suggestion and we will be adding to the roadmap for a Q2 delivery.