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Consider displaying record count of Info reports as Opportunities and not Defects

Currently the record count for Info reports is being displayed under column Defects. But an Info report is most likely to show a different kind of information, not errors (that's what Error reports should display).

It could be useful to show that information under the Opportunities column instead of under the Defects column. That could lead to add Info reports to display data in Opportunities, and that would allow to sort/filter by that column in order to see related information together.

For example: if error report shows "Customers from the EU that do not have VAT" and it's opportunity view is "Customers from the EU", a new Info report to show "Customers from the EU" could be added and the count in the Opportunities column would match between the 2 reports (see attached picture).

  • Rafael Domene
  • Oct 25 2021
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Dec 6, 2022

    Admin response

    We'll certainly consider this when building out the new Cloud DQ functionality in the SKP

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