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Report User Filters - Where clause update tedious process

WORKFLOW : Data Quality-->Configuration-->Users Reports/Filters

This will be useful to developers as they will be able to update where clause in an easy manner every time a report (assigned to a user) has either introduced or removed the user filter rather than going into each user filter and clicking the stored procedures button for each user for every change.

We have setup user filters (Data Quality-->Configuration-->Users Reports/Filters) for Data Quality reporting so that users only access one business unit that is assigned to them (Snapshot 1). Once any report is created which introduces a business unit field or any report which is changed to either remove/introduce a business unit field, we have to manually go in to user report filters and click on procedures completed button (Snapshot 2) for each and every user for that report to reflect the correct data as the where clause is updated for each user (Snapshot 3). This manual step does not affect any user but is a highly tedious task for the developer to click on procedures completed button for every user every time a business unit field is either introduced or removed for the report to execute successfully for all users that have access to the report group.

The idea i would like to suggest is to run the underlying stored procedure to update the where clause for each user by passing the userID as a variable but that takes a lot of time. I would like to request the product team to look into a smarter and faster way of doing this.

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  • Jul 28 2021
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  • Jun 15, 2022

    Admin response

    We are moving the DQ functionality to the SKP in the cloud and will be minimizing changes to the SST DQ functionality. I believe this SP could be shared amongst the services team members if needed rather than be rolled into product.

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