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Ability to add and remove 1 or more users to more than one group at a time

This is a situation we often encounter. We may have a new user that needs to be added to many groups. Currently, this can only be done one group at a time. In other cases, we may have a user that needs to be replaced, so remove one and add another.  Again, this can only be done one group at a time currently.

Having an interface that allows for a user to be added or removed  from multiple groups would save quite a bit of time.

  • Torch Locklear
  • Jul 16 2019
  • Shipped
  • Oct 14, 2019

    Admin response

    In the DSP 7.1 release, we'll be implementing functionality that will centralize the management of user access to Monitor Groups via System Administration Roles. This functionality will enables users to be quicly assigned to a role that contains multiple Monitor Groups or to multiple roles that each contain a single group.

    This functionality will also apply to dspConduct Positions, dspCompose Template Roles and Information Steward Project Distributions.

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