'Display Error Metrics' checkbox should affect all Data Quality Dashboard results

Unchecking 'Display Error Metrics' for a group in dspMonitor hides the group from displaying as a pie chart on the 'Data Quality Dashboard' page. However, it does not stop the error reports in that group from being used to calculate the overall data quality percentages, number of reports or number of errors. This results in a discrepancy between what users can see in the dashboard at a group level and what the dashboard reports at an overall level.


If the 'Display Error Metrics' field is working as intended, then I would question why this current functionality exists. If I am hiding a group from the dashboard, what reason would I have for still wanting that group's data to be used in the overall calculations? If I were to present the dashboard to a client, they would not trust the veracity of the overall data quality percentages because they are not aligned to data from the groups to which they have visibility on the dashboard.


Therefore, I propose making the 'Display Error Metrics' field impact the entire Data Quality Dashboard, not just which Groups display as pie charts. Unchecking 'Display Error Metrics' for a group should remove that group's contents from the calculated overall (and quality dimension) percentages and the report and error counts. Otherwise I would recommend removing the 'Display Error Metrics' field altogether so it does not result in a project reporting numbers to a client that cannot be explained by the drilldown into that dashboard.


Please see https://support.boaweb.com/hc/en-us/requests/11922 for screenshots and examples of the current interaction.




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  • Oct 19 2018
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    Jon Green commented
    3 Jan, 2019 10:51am

    Thanks Ross.  I believe this makes sense as you describe it and will transfer to the development backlog for prioritisation.