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Report registration in dspMonitor should have the same fields as in Transform

On my current client we are transferring reports registered in Transform to dspMonitor. We would like to have the following fields from Transform also displayed in dspMonitor - My Reports:

- Comment

- Implication

- Recommendation

However in dspMonitor these fields do not exist as such. On DataDialysis.ddReports we have available:

- Title

- Comment

- Implication

It would be good if dspMonitor had the same fields as Transform to document the reports. 

Additionally, the three fields should be displayed on the horizontal view "Your Reports".


  • Dec 4 2017
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    Jon Green commented
    4 Dec, 2017 04:08pm

    Comment and Implication exist in both instances (Transform and Monitor).  In both cases this information is displayed on the Vertical view due to the potential size of these fields.  The concept of adding the recommendation field will be placed into the backlog for dspMonitor.