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Consider a "Your Favorites" menu item within dspMonitor


This request came from the client. When a user belongs to multiple groups of reports within dspMonitor, of which each group has many dozens of reports, s/he has to scan looking for the reports, or filter each time, to find the few that s/he works with on a regular basis.


This client recommended, when viewing reports within Your Group or Your Reports, to be able to flag a report as a Favorite. Then, s/he could click on the Your Favorites menu item (placed below Your Reports) that would display those specific reports needed attention at that time. At this client, users focus on specific cleansing reports for an extended period of time until the data is cleansed. Then they move on to another batch of reports. Why look through 70 cleansing reports each time when only 4-5 are needing attention?


Another option, instead of a favorites flag to select, is to still have the Your Favorites menu item in which the user would add entries to their list of favorites by selecting the group/report they wish to add, much the same as how reports are added through configuration into a specific group by the development team.

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  • Feb 1 2017
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