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Improve Daily Field/Value Mapping Change Charts


In DSP 6.3.1, I have noticed that the 'Field Mapping Changes Daily by Wave & Process Area' chart will occasionally display only 1 or 2 days or show as a blank pane with no data to display.


It looks to me like this is occuring because days when there are zero changes are not recorded in ttTargetFieldMappingChangeSummary. This means that if there have been no changes to the mappings in the past X days (where X is the maximum days displayed on the chart), the chart will not appear. If there are only mappings on 1 or 2 days, the chart only has 1 or 2 data points. From a client-facing perspective, I would not want to show this chart and any dashboard it sits on to the client because if there are no or only a few recent changes, it appears broken.


This may be fixed in a more recent release of DSP, but if not, I would recommend inserting a record with a zero change count record in the webSnapshotServiceUpd procedure per day to make the chart more useable and useful.


This issue also exists for the Value Mapping Change charts.

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  • Jan 30 2017
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