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Map - When refreshing Target Values in Warning concerning Language is required


When pressing the target refresh button in Value Mapping, a warning should be issued in the following situation


If Language at the Wave Level is not populated and there are multiple languages present in the key of the table being refreshed based on the list of field names which qualify as language fields from the system type.


This same check should be implemented for CLIENT if multiple clients are found in the source and client isn't populated at the Wave Level.


Business Case - Creating Waves is a rare occurrence and someone adding a wave may either not know which language should be used, or may not know to populate the language.  Value mapping is very 'distant' from creating the wave and the connection between the two is not intuitive.  Adding this warning would provide a smoother path for consultants and better experience for our customers.


This is related to this issue on BOAU Customer -

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  • Feb 1 2017
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