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Build Source Dithered - Documentation and Process


Help for Build Source Page should be updated to indicated all factors that cause the field to be dithered.  'TargetBuiltOn' is NULL is not listed.  (There may be others).


It would be preferable if a message was displayed concerning why the table can't be built rather than having it dithered, but that may be a design rule for the software.


All fields that are used to control actions on the page should be visible on the vertical view so that one can see the values that are causing the trouble.


Help Link - /UserArea/FCBFA1C8-3BE7-4C42-B380-324A34CCF9D8/English/Documentation/index.htm#Automation_SQL__Targe…


This was found at Spectrum Brands while running DSP




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  • Feb 1 2017
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