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Design- Report needed for SystemType/DataSource relationship


There is a validation on the Target Sources page to ensure that the Datasource uses the same system type across targets. There needs to be a report to display those records, otherwise every project will have to create their own.



SELECT        DSPCommon.dbo.ztSystemType.SystemType, derivedtbl_1.DataSourceName, COUNT(*) AS Expr1

FROM            dbo.ttTargetSource INNER JOIN

                             (SELECT        COUNT(DISTINCT ttTargetSource_1.SystemTypeID) AS SystemTypeCount, DataSource_1.DataSourceName, DataSource_1.DataSourceID

                               FROM            dbo.ttTargetSource AS ttTargetSource_1 INNER JOIN

                                                         CranSoft.dbo.DataSource AS DataSource_1 ON ttTargetSource_1.SourceDataSource = DataSource_1.DataSourceID

                               GROUP BY DataSource_1.DataSourceName, DataSource_1.DataSourceID

                               HAVING         (COUNT(DISTINCT ttTargetSource_1.SystemTypeID) > 1)) AS derivedtbl_1 ON

                         dbo.ttTargetSource.SourceDataSource = derivedtbl_1.DataSourceID INNER JOIN

                         DSPCommon.dbo.ztSystemType ON dbo.ttTargetSource.SystemTypeID = DSPCommon.dbo.ztSystemType.SystemTypeID

GROUP BY DSPCommon.dbo.ztSystemType.SystemType, derivedtbl_1.DataSourceName

  • Alyssa Sliney
  • Feb 1 2017
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