Changing a comment in Map should not reset rule status in transform


In our current version of Migrate, a user has to reset the completion status of a rule in order to change a comment (or a mapping). Often this is to reflect changes that have already been applied in transform.  So we get the situation where we do a test run that is successful, reprocess the object and load only to find that a key rule has been deactivated -  very frustrating when the load takes 26 hours and has to be redone.

There is a notification, but this tends to be lost among hundreds of others when the users are also setting all the 'not-used' status that had previously been pending.

Blocking edit of the targets is at target level, not source, so with mapping being performed for ongoing phases it is not possible to put a stop against the active source (nor does the wave structure as implemented in DSP allow us to split this into separate waves). 


On the back of this I have a request:

1.  Allow update of mapping comments without going through a process that corrupts records in Transform.    OR

2.  Allow better control of updates at target source level.    OR

3.  Allow us to turn off the automatic inactivation of rules at a target source level.

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  • Feb 1 2017
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