Map: Deleted source table legacy values appear in Value Mapping


Hi Team,


Initially there was a source (PIR_SL_All_V) registered as a primary source to a target in Map. The legacy values have been pulled for value mapping.

Later, this source was deleted and a new source (PO_LINES_ALL_102_V) was added. The legacy values were pulled from this source as well.


Now, I see the legacy values in value mapping from both the sources. The question is when the source is deleted, why the values from the same source appears in the value mapping?

Please find the attached screen shots.


Enhancement: Once the source is deleted from Map, it should get erased from Value Mapping as well.




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  • Jan 31 2017
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  • John Grippa commented
    6 Jun, 2017 04:55pm

    This feature was added in 6.6 as part of the value mapping enhancements.

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