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Traget export file to have the split based on zlegacy field but zlegacy should not be coming in export file

Case 1 : When I select All the field in Select statement including the zlegacy field and segment as zlegacybukrs.

Result : Multiple file created with zlegacyBUKRS as file suffics and the file contain zlegacy field in the file.

Issue : zlegacy field should not be coming

Case 2 : when select all fields excluding the zlegacyBUKRS and segment as zlegacyBUKRS.

Result : Single file generated and with out zleagcyBUKRS in the file.

Issue : File Split based on zlegacyBUKRS not happening

Requirement : The file should be splitted based on zlegacyBUKRS with out zlegacyBUKRS in the file.

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  • Jun 12 2023
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