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Add available delimiters for Transform reports exported as text file

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  • Apr 11 2023
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    11 Apr, 2023 07:32pm

    There is a parameter in ADM for selecting the delimiter used in Transform text reports:

    Console > Advance data migration> Advanced Configuration > Parameters > Report Settings > Report Column Delimiter.

    The choices aren't great: A comma, a semicolon, a weird ƒ (one has to type alt + 1 5 9 or alt + 0 1 3 1 to generate this character from the keyboard), or a tilde character (a ~). The tilde character works best out of all these choices as this is a rather unusual character in text and is easy to type from the keyboard (a necessity for Excel). The comma and the semicolon are not good choices, as these characters are far too common in regular text to be used as a delimiter.

    Since this is a drop down list, I would have expected a choice of a tab character as well as a vertical bar (a |). SAP uses a vertical bar for unconverted text and is also easy to type in Excel. A tab character is what Excel expects in a TXT file and can be selected via a menu in the Excel text import function (so no problem in designating the tab character as one's delimiter, at least from Excel's point of view).

    Can the Tab character and the vertical bar be added to the delimiter options?