Option to add a "DISTINCT" in the InsSel rule

There are times where we have source with Multiple records and we need only 1 of the unique record to be added into the tt from st. Currently we are modifying the InsSel rule to have the DISTINCT clause and have to keep track and make changes if there is change in Insert Statement. Providing a Check Box DISTINCT in the Target Source and AutoGen adding the DISTINCT in InsSel would address the manual intervention

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  • Dec 30 2021
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  • Fajon Siew commented
    15 Jan, 2022 09:46am

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  • John Munkberg commented
    3 Jan, 2022 07:22pm

    No - I do not believe we should support a DISTINCT on insert. You should set your zActive flags to mark duplicates as inactive. The only where clause on the insert from source to target should be based on relevant source records (i.e zActive = 1)