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Process Area Construction Data Source Not Set Properly


In the Wave : Process Area page the drop-down for the Construction Source Data Source on the vertical view only contains sdb databases.  In most cases the data for construct pages should be in the DataConstructionServer database.  The sdbDSPConstruct database is used to house the static copy that is used as a source in the migration copy, but it is moved from the DataConstructionServer process via Collect package like all other data is written to the sdb.


The drop down is filtered only by the parameter in the ztParam table for zSourceDatabasefilter.  This param is used elsewhere to filter to sdb databases but is improperly used in this context as a filter.  Alternatives would be to 1) allow the selection of any database, 2) allow any database except for supplied application databases, 3) come up with a different naming standard (dcs[xyz]) but also allow DataConstructionServer to be selected, or 4) hard code DataConstructionServer as the property.  My recommendation would be to allow the selection of any non application database with DataConstructionServer being the default database.


As a workaround I have just removed the filter from the list view and now allow any database to be selected.

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  • Jan 31 2017
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