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Download drop down list from Webapp

It would be nice to have the dropdown list downloaded from the Webapp page to the Excel sheet using Excel Integration in order to populate data in the Excel template in the same way we're doing in the Webapp page

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  • Feb 16 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Feb 17, 2021

    Admin response

    This issue relates to the provision of cascading drop-down list functionality (passing dynamic where clause) in the Excel files. This could likely be solved to some extent with simple depedent column lists, however, more complex dynamic filtering may not be possible. We'll consider this for the future.

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  • jose sally commented
    1 Oct, 2022 08:05am

    Press F12, click arrow sign in developer tools and Select Dropdownlist. Now you will see html source is selected in developer tools, right click and click copy InnerHTML option. For Chrome: Right Click on HTML Dropdownlist, Select Inspect Element and In Developer Tools, you will see html source is selected.

  • Carlton Flores commented
    8 May, 2021 09:09am

    yes i was looking for same

  • Fabiro Dofed commented
    24 Feb, 2021 05:46am

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