SQL Utility Functions for SAP Migration Projects

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In event where data are computed on the fly in SAP source system and not saved in data table, may we explore the provision or repository of SQL utility functions/reference codes for relating to SAP migration projects; these functions can encapsulate common queries like getting fiscal year, fiscal period base on input date, computing due date from customer, vendor open item tables? 

Having this provision allows common queries to be reused or serves as a reference point in projects relating to SAP migration and free up time for other project priorities. Enclosed are sample codes on the common queries discussed in this idea.



  • Desmond Yee
  • Dec 20 2019
  • Unlikely to Implement
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    John Munkberg commented
    23 Jul, 2021 03:12pm

    Where would these be implemented? Since they are functions, they cannot dynamically reference a particular database, so they would have to reference pass through views from the DSW database (not sure we normally create those or maintain those) or the functions would have to be created manually in each new DG or DSW database.

    I don't believe there is a way to "Auto Deliver" custom functions when installing a DSW database today, although this does seem like good "Content" to have available as part of a full suite of content tied to particular Target Datasets.

    I do think having a library of common SQL Reports, Views, Functions, Procedures is logical. Not sure where Syniti stores those today (sharepoint, teams?) - but in the near future we would plan to store this in a global Content Curation Application.

    Happy to get your feedback, via this Ideas portal, or directly.


    John Munkberg