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Reading from on the fly S4/HANA tables

To whom may be concerned,

May we have an advisory, perhaps, in the self help page of Collect on the use of proxy object in SAP S/4HANA for tables previously stored physically in SAP ECC?

There are situation in S4/HANA where data is no longer stored in same physical tables as in previous SAP installation e.g. ECC but rather put together from multiple data tables on the fly. E.g. table, MBEWH, which stores material valuation history is no longer kept in a same physical table as with SAP ECC. MBEWH in S4/HANA is a view built in "real-time".

When pulling tdata from MBEWH of S/4HANA in Collect, certain fields are not collected to the values maintained . E.g. Total Stock Value (i.e. SALK3) and Total Stock (i.e. LBKUM) fields are populated as 0.   To work around this, Cranport package need to point to MBEWH proxy object in S/4 HANA, MBVMBEWH, to allow the fields to be populated accordingly. The proxy object can be located in t-code: SE16N (please see attached).




  • Desmond Yee
  • Dec 19 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Jon Green commented
    5 May, 2020 01:59pm

    Can you confirm that this is happening when importing via Collect. Can you confirm that it is happening when pulling in via an RFC package or a direct db extraction?