We need to include Collation sequence in system types especially on SAP or some other automated solution

There are many tables where we are placing a key over a field that is case insensitive therefore ending up with a duplicate key error.  This includes DD02T, DD03T, DD04T BUT more importantly T006, etc and anywhere where language is part of the key and country code.  The consultants should not have to go into the tables to change the field collation sequence time again or write rules tied to the collect package to remove the offending record before building the index.  Can we have another solution or at least an automated one? 

  • Megan Petry
  • Nov 7 2018
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    Jon Green commented
    22 Nov, 2018 11:23am

    I will add this into the backlog of tickets for development, I agree about the requirement and the need to resolve / automate in this area as always going to cause issues in the SAP target environments.

  • Megan Petry commented
    7 Nov, 2018 08:45pm

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