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Allow zFields that are Utility and Key be added to the Insert Rule

I noticed that when I have a zField that is marked as Utility and marked as Key and the check box of Derived From Source is checked - DSP Autogen still leaves this field off of the Insert. Although the zLegazyzField is included.

In my specific example this field is not coming from the source nor is it a field in the Target Table, but rather a requested field to be added to our file for loading.

Therefore we mark this as Utility and Key so that it makes our records unique. We include z in front of it to visually see that it is not a source or target field.

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  • Oct 25 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 4, 2019

    Admin response

    We will investigate this use case of the zfields and look to include in a future release in improving the autogen capability of the DSP.  

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