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Fields with lookup tables assigned to them do NOT need zLegacy fields auto-created


Referencing Support Ticket: 3012


It became apparent through the support ticket referenced above that whenever a field has a lookup table assigned to it that it automatically add zLegacy fields for that field no matter how they are mapped (as xRef or not). These lookup tables are added through the system type and should be there, but the zLegacy storage of the original value is unnecessary unless the field is mapped to be an xRef.  By default that means all fields in all SAP tables with lookup tables get zLegacy fields added and that these cannot be deleted or inactivated without removing the lookup table reference.  The field can be deleted or inactivated but will be reactivated or recreated upon sync to map.


Please remove the auto-zLegacy addition for fields with lookup tables assigned.

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  • Jan 31 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • John Grippa commented
    6 Jun, 2017 05:11pm

    I have wanted to do something about this for a while. I think there really should be some other prefix for RuleXref fields that is not zLegacy. I am not sure if it is possible to change at this point considering the upgrade ramifications, but I are still thinking about future possibilities.

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