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Creating an exact replica of a wave (not Copy Wave)

The Copy Wave functionality creates a copy, but:

  • Value Map data is not copied into the new wave
  • Any approved mappings in the original wave are copied to the new wave as complete but not approved
  • Source related data is not copied
  • ... 


This idea is about creating an exact replica of the source wave (for multiple reasons, like keeping a backup, or working on a scenario where there's a Golden Wave that is used as source for others with the same sources, etc...). Details would need to be analysed.

  • Inigo Saez
  • Feb 13 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    I can see how this could be helpful in certain situations. However, I am a little concerned about inserting a number of mappings as approved. I could see this being an auditing issue and maybe causing other problems downstream. We will brainstorm the implications of such a feature and consider adding it as an additional option on the existing wave copy page.

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