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Unique icons for actions

Business users are very visual. Currently we have same icons for different actions (example icon for Create Target Table in Automation is same for Create Field Groups in Design.

  • Miha Klaj
  • Feb 7 2018
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    Thank you for registering the idea in the portal.  Currently we are planning to refresh all icons as part of the UI refresh planned for the 7.0 release of the DSP.  We do not currently plan to have unique icons for each action within the DSP as this would prove to be too much overhead in designing and allocating individual icons to each slightly separate action.  The plan is to ensure that all like actions share the same icon and we will be running extensive testing with consultants over the new icon changes prior to the release of 7.0.  The hover tooltip will also provide further information on each action being performed by a button so that the business user is clear as to what they are about to trigger. 

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