System Type Model Import creates all as type Configuration

It would be useful to be able to have a "Master list" by Model (SAP, INFOR etc) of the tables that are Master Data and those that are really Configuration Data.

The model Import will then import them correctly.

  • Tim Empson
  • Jan 8 2018
  • Future consideration
  • May 10, 2018

    Admin response

    This is something we have considered as addition content that could be provided along with System Type Models. However, it is very difficult to come up with an accurate list that would work for all or even most clients.  For example, most would assume SAP MARA would always be of type, Master Data.  However, the are a number of instance where this would be set up as configuration type, such as when Materials have already been loaded in an earlier release. 


    I do like the idea of an additional page on System Type models that would allow users to configure master data tables for their project. At the moment, I don't think we would deliver the page populated, but could have system specific content available through solution management that would populate the page as needed.

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