Add a Source Error Aggregate Report

Can there be an overall aggregate report for source error reports like there is for target error reports?

  • Greg Adams
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 26, 2018

    Admin response

    I agree having an error aggregate for source reports would be nice, but the variable nature of primary keys on source tables makes this difficult to auto-generate.  I have some possible solutions to the problem that may work, but will need to be discussed with development.

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  • John Grippa commented
    26 Mar, 2018 02:25pm

    The target aggregate report/table is meant to be used as a base for additional reports. We know it doesn't contain every field, description or additional data needed for users to appropriately utilize the report for every target table.  Instead, we expect users to create their own report with all fields needed for their specific client, wave, object and target. This new report can be registered against the target as a normal report and is much simpler to create using the existing error aggregate then it would be without it. 

  • Victor Gazquez commented
    8 Jan, 2018 02:29pm

    It would be good that the same report would contain both, source and target reports.

    Also, I find it more useful when is transposed, instead of having multiple times the PK.Having the reports in different columns instead of multiples rows.In this way, for a single entry you can easily determine how many errors you have for the same record.