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Enable dspIntegrate to export file to SAP Migration Cockpit


May we develop a  product feature, perhaps in dspIntegrate, to export data from source system to SAP Migration Cockpit (t-code: LTMC) in S4 HANA. LTMC is a data tool recommended by SAP to upload data into S4 HANA on cloud as well as on premise. Essentially, the file is a XML formatted file containing migration data which can be read by LTMC  for necessary data upload into S4 HANA.

Of the shelf, LTMC contains XML file format specific for migration contents like GL Open item, Account Receivables Item etc. for uploading to S4 HANA. The list of migration contents covered by latest S4 HANA relase 1709 can be found at


Attached is an example of the XML file on profit center which is covered by LTMC off the shelf.

  • Desmond Yee
  • Jan 3 2018
  • Likely to Implement
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  • Jon Green commented
    5 Jan, 2018 03:51pm

    We are actively working with SAP on the integration of DSP and the Migration Cockpit.  We have a planned partner testing cycle of our integration planned for Q1 2018.  We will be utilising a capability for DSP to populate a staging table shared by the Migration Cockpit to achieve the functionality rather than via file.