Construct Auto Gen should handle concept of Target Defaults

We need a way to configure fields as "Target Defaults" so they are excluded from the FullConstruct page during the Construct Auto Gen process.

Since The FullConstruct source table is based on Target Design, all active Target fields are included in the FullConstruct Table even though data is not needed for fields that are set with a Target Rule.

The workaround we created depends on Target Design configuration:
• Visibility = Target

We use a stored procedure to set the fields in the PageColumn table if Visibility = 'Target' in Target Design.
• ControlStatus = "Hide"
• Required = "No"

Another stored procedure is used to inactivate the XXXRequiredVal rule in PageEventValidation. The workaround is only partially effective, we haven't addressed the need to remove the field from the DSPConstruct System Type. Also, many Target Default fields are not registered in the PageColumn table (See ) so we have to "fix" that issue in order for this Workaround to function properly.

This enhancement is just one of several needed because FullConstruct Source table requirements do not always align with Target table requirements.

  • Tracey Karanovich
  • Oct 16 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • May 10, 2018

    Admin response

    Setting the Visibility = Target is the DSP recommended method for dealing with this situation.



    In addition, Autoconstruct was meant to be a jumpstart to building DCS pages and is not expected to create perfect pages as you specifically want them on build. It is expected that the user would build when necessary, then manually modify the page as they see fit. In order to prevent those changes from being overwritten, there is a setting called 'Construct Auto Gen Level' on the vertical view of the Full Construction Target Source. I have pasted the DSP Help related to the field below. You should not need to run any stored procedure to bring back your changes if you use the below setting.


    Construct Auto Gen Level

    This option controls whether the Construct page is updated or overwritten. Values are:

    • Off - Construct objects and pages are not generated.
    • New - Adds new fields to the page table and new column properties to page. Does not rebuild page views. (You will have to manually add new fields to your Hor and Ver views)
    • Rebuild - Drops and recreates all views and column properties and adds new fields to the page table.

    NOTE: This field defaults to Rebuild.


    I have attached a screenshot for you to review. 

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