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zLegacyKEY fields should be in FullConstruct Page Views

None of the zLegacy fields are included in the FullConstruct Horizontal/Vertical View. Oddly, they are registered in the PageColumn table.

We opened Support Ticket #7541 in an attempt to determine if we can control which fields are included in the Page view. The response was to add the fields manually.

  • We can add a column to the Horizontal View but SyncToMap rebuilds the Horizontal View which means we must remember to alter it again (each time we SyncToMap)
  • We can set the Construct Auto Gen Level to OFF to prevent loss of modifications to the views but this means we must manually alter the FullConstruct Table, FullConstruct Page views, Assemble Package, and sdbDSPConstruct table to reflect the Target Design change.
  • Neither of the above two options are aligned with the paradigm shift to use DSP automation to simplify migration tasks.

We were also advised that the zLegacy values are not expected in FullConstruct Source data. Below is a quote from the Support response:

" can ignore 'zLegacy' columns when working in Construct.  Objects generated automatically in Transform will handle the data entered into Construct and use it to populate even the 'zLegacy' columns in the Target table."

FullConstruct sources need values for zLegacyKEY fields for several reasons:

  • BOA Methodology uses the zLegacyKEY fields as the primary key of the Target tables in Transform
  • The zLegacyKEY fields allow the validator to associate the SAP record with the Legacy data
    • BOA Methodology uses the zLegacyKEY fields in Target Readiness reports
    • BOA Methodology uses the zLegacyKEY fields in Preload reports
    • BOA Methodology uses the zLegacyKEY fields in Postload reports
  • Master Data fields such as Customer/Vendor/Material are typically cross referenced
    • These xRefs are usually built from KNA1/LFA1/MARA source data so at a minimum, these FullConstruct tables should provide the ability to capture the Legacy values to enable the xRef creation
    • The xRef for these fields are so large that a ListBox is not practical

Since the FullConstruct Page View build is destructive, the simplest approach would be to just include all FullConstruct table columns in the Page Views. We can then modify the PageColumn configuration to Hide or Enable as needed. SyncToMap does not destroy PageColumn configuration.

Not all Legacy Sources have a field(s) that is comparable to the SAP Key field(s) so the basic problem is the developer needs a way to configure which fields are included such as Legacy Customer/Vendor/Material values.

Since we have over 70 FullConstruct sources, we've implemented a process that adds the zLegacyFIELD to the Horizontal view, changes the Control Status to "Enabled" in the PageColumn table and Hides the SAP equivalent. The process is based on a custom configuration table.
ALSO SEE: which addresses the need for zLegacy fields and zSource in the DSPConstruct Import Package

  • Tracey Karanovich
  • Oct 15 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • May 10, 2018

    Admin response

    Full construction is designed for data that does not currently exist in a legacy system, so we intentionally do not include zLegacy fields. There are instances where you may want a legacy field on the page, so the tool allows you to manually add these fields to the page as needed.  The page view build does NOT have to be destructive. You should utilize the Construct Auto Gen Level described below.


    Autoconstruct was meant to be a jumpstart to building DCS pages and is not expected to create perfect pages as you specifically want them on build. It is expected that the user would build when necessary, then manually modify the page as they see fit. In order to prevent those changes from being overwritten, there is a setting called 'Construct Auto Gen Level' on the vertical view of the Full Construction Target Source. I have pasted the DSP Help related to the field below. 


    Construct Auto Gen Level

    This option controls whether the Construct page is updated or overwritten. Values are:

    • Off - Construct objects and pages are not generated.
    • New - Adds new fields to the page table and new column properties to page. Does not rebuild page views. (You will have to manually add new fields to your Hor and Ver views)
    • Rebuild - Drops and recreates all views and column properties and adds new fields to the page table.

    NOTE: This field defaults to Rebuild.


    I have attached a screenshot for you to review. 

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