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Target Relationship visible on Map (Hor view)

There are many times where you have to change an approved mapping. When you reset it, unless you have selected the option, blank it out, it keeps the values in Action, Source,Field, Target Relationship etc.

When you change the mapping, specially when is a Rule where you do not pick a table and field from the drop down, you can easily forget that you had a Target Relationship in the vertical view.

When you approve and regenerate the rule, DSP is not going to generate an error (and it shouldn't), so you are not aware of that joining.

This is specially dangerous when the inner join make that the source rule is going to update less number of entries than expected.


Let say I had a mapping that is a Rule, UPPER(UserID) and this user is coming from a different table so I created a Target Relationship. My source table have 100 entries but there are only 80 users, so only 80 rows are going to be updated.

If I change the mapping to Default Victor, where I want to make my self the default user for all entries, I might not remember that I have to remove the Target Relationship from the vertical. Then, when I create the Rule, it is going to still update only 80 rows instead of all of them.

You should realise later on when you review your file, but in cases more complex where you have a source rule and a target might not notice.

It would be useful that we can identify in the Hor view that we have selected a Target Relationship.



  • Victor Gazquez
  • Oct 6 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Victor Gazquez commented
    10 Oct, 2017 10:28pm

    Thanks JP,

    I do not think that blank it out would be a good option. I would say that the bast number of time that we click on reset is to modify the current mapping, mostly to update the comment section or amend some typo in a rule. Maybe two buttons would be better in the toolbar.

    When you use Action "copy", and pick the table,you affirmation is correct, but what is happening when you are using a rule, how would DSP determine what is the relationship?

    What I would suppress if possible, is the need to select the External Source ID (although I do not know the underline implication)


  • John Grippa commented
    10 Oct, 2017 09:40pm

    For the same reason, I always though reset mapping should always blank out all mappings rather than simply open the record up for edit. I think maybe handling reset that would be better than visualizing Target Relationships on the horizontal. 


    In addition, I am looking into whether or not we need target relationships at the field mapping level at all. If all tables that could be used in mappings are listed as a source for the target, we should already know the relationships and not need to specify it in the mapping.