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Construct Page Duplicate Key Validation Rule update

The DSP generated validation rule webdcs[TableName]_FullConstruct_TemplateDupKeyVal gives false positives and false negatives. This rule only catches one duplicate and flags one error (the record with the MAX ID value) even though there is multiple duplicates.

The page needs to be revalidated repeatedly until there is no more error on the page which is not user friendly.

To have this validation work properly on the Construct page and flags any duplicate records, this rule needs a sub view.

  • Luni Kwestarta
  • Oct 3 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
  • Oct 18, 2017

    Admin response

    This sounds more like a bug than a feature request. Since the process for handling bugs is different from feature requests, you should open a ticket with support to ensure the bug flows through the proper channels and ensures visibility in Zendesk.

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  • Tracey Karanovich commented
    18 Oct, 2017 04:56pm

    This was reported as a defect (See Support Ticket #7845)

    Support suggested we submit it as an enhancement request. Below is an excerpt from their response.

    That would seem more of an enhancement request than a fix in itself. In that case, this could be logged in the ideas portal as a new idea for a future release.
    If you'd like to proceed with that, please log into and log it as a new idea.