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Migrate-Transform: Path File Length suggestion

In the Smithfield - Migration Template project, we encountered an issue where DSP Generated Documentation causes Transform job failures. The error is caused by the limited length of the file name (must be less than 260 characters), and the directory name (must be less than 248 characters).

In the Migration Template project, we are using Full Construction as our Target Source and during the process, it creates a table in the Data Construction Server database.  It uses the following table naming format: dcs[TargetTable]_FullConstruct_Template (i.e. dcsLFA1_FullConstruct_Template).  Some targets would have a longer name due to merged tables or the same table being used in two different process areas. For example: KNVK table has been used in both OTC and P2P, and to differentiate the target, we named the target in OTC as ttKNVK_CUST and ttKNVK_VEND for P2P.

Below is the example of the File Path and Name generated by DSP for the following Object/Target:

  - Process Area: TST   - Object: Test Object   - Target: ttKNVK_TESTING


F:\DSP\Transform\Documentation\Generated\Template-TST_Test Object_ttKNVK_TESTING_stKNVK_TESTING_DSPConstruct_dcsKNVK_TESTING_FullConstruct_Template_\

Test Object_TargetSource_Audit_ttKNVK_TESTING_stKNVK_TESTING_DSPConstruct_dcsKNVK_TESTING_FullConstruct_Template_201709250625.html


The comments, questions, and recommendations from my Team Lead are:

  • While I understand the length is a Windows’ limitation, the problem renders this functionality useless.
  • This is a global setting - it's not set at the Object leve
  • The File Path error could be handled in a way that does not cause the job to fail.
  • The File Path generated for documentation should be re-designed with this limitation in mind. We do not encounter failures for reports in dspMonitor or other Transform reports


Luni Kwestarta

  • Luni Kwestarta
  • Sep 27 2017
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