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MAP - Automation SQL Target Source Error Message Improvement


If one tries to create a source with no keys, the following error message appears



Error: Source Database Object does not have any columns marked as key columns. Update the Key column that does not begin with zLegacy in the source schema columns on the vertical view.
Page: Automation SQL Target Source

Source Database Object Key Count Column Count Source Type
STPO 0 157 1


This error message should be improved with two points:

  1. The message should indicate that page that should be updated - Map - Target Souces, Verticle View, Schema Columns
  2. the user should update the Keys in the System type also as any changes in the mentioned location are overwritten whenever the source table is built . 


There are other related improvements to mention here that really should go into separate requests, but for lack of time, they will be noted here and can be enhanced or submitted at another time

  • When source systems are SAP type systems, the Delivered system type should be utilized to update Description fields, and indexes and other items to ensure consistency.
  • Source Configuration Description updates should occur in the same way that the method for target systems.
  • Since the 'Schema Columns' mentioned above is automatically overwritten at various times, any updates to Target Source Schema should automatically have LOCK FIELD set, or a warning should at least be provided.
  • Since the 'Schema Columns is automatically overwritten at various times, it should be overwritten as part of the 'Create Source Table event' so that it is always consistent and won't change unexpectedly after the table is built.
  • If the process remains the same, any changes to the Schema Columns page should include a warning if LOCK Field isn't also checked that the changes will be overwritten.
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  • Jan 31 2017
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