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Filtering with Excel Integration and Context, Column Order in DCS pages

Right now, when we download data using Excel Integration the page is protected, what block the possibility os filtering which is a need in almost any spreadsheet. When we create a DCV to disable the columns it works fine if the spreadsheet is protected but it can cause issues when you unprotected the sheet.

A different approach, which I think it would be safer, is that any column that is set to disable (whether in the DCV or as column property) it should be ignore by DSP even when the sheet is unprotected and the user has edited the data. In this scenario if the columns are part of the key, DSP will not be able to determine the correct key and it will fail, and for those that we use it as context, it will not be updated. In this way, we allow to the user to use the filter option and at the same time we prevent any change.

In addition, there would be some interesting feature to include for DCS pages:

1. Allow to select the order of the columns in the DCS page. Many times the user want to change the order that by default is created by DSP (following Desgin).

2. Allow to pick a column as context from Desgin. Many scenarios, the user need extra columns (as Name, Address, Country...) in addition to the PK, it would be great if we can tell to the DCS page which extra columns need to be added as context and therefore, automatically disabled.

3.In case of Manual Construction or when you are using Excel Integration in a different page, it does not download columns that do not exist in the table. It would be useful if we can download all the columns that exist in a view. Following the point 1, those columns would be disable and therefore, ignore when upload (anyway, as they do not exist in the table would be ignore).

4. Dependency between drop down as we have in DSP, where the selection of the first one determine the list of values of the second, etc.




  • Victor Gazquez
  • Jun 13 2017
  • Future consideration