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dspMigration Map SourceTable Automation


When I choose a specific Source Table in Map (6.03) I can pick any table from the Drop Down which appears to be looking at the sdbLloyds database.    I chose the ITMMST table.


When I generated the source I got an error because it was missing the ITITM field (key field on the Target Table).    There should not ever be a field on the source table called ITITM, only one called zITITM since this is a target field.


Opening the newly created source table, it did not have ANY legacy fields.  It only had zFields from the target.   It turns out that since I did not fully populate the LLOYDs SystemType in Common, Map did not know how to build the Source Table with legacy fields.     Map should either use the sdbDatabase Definitions directly, or the System Type definitions (In which case I would not have seen any Source Tables to choose as my source).  It should not be mixing the two together.


Finally, when it generates my Source Table, the KEY of the stTable should be IDENTICAL to the Legacy System table structure, and it should only add the required zFields as NULLABLE, NonKey fields to the bottom of the Legacy Table design.  It should NOT be adding any additional Keys to the source table.  The keys on the source table follow Legacy, the keys on the Target Table are zSource, zLegacyXXX (based on the keys of the target table in System Design).



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  • Feb 1 2017
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