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Source Table Creation needs a notification message.


I have created a source table using MAP.

But if I look at the table in SQL, it just shows me few fields related to zLegacy* and zFields* and not the exact Legacy table fields.


Lets say, I believed in DSP auto creation of source table and went forward to create all the source rules for the mapped fields at once.

At this point, I don't see the source rules registered in Transform.


And in fact there was a message saying that rules are generated. [This message was unexpected.]


All this happens because I forgot to import the source table schema in System Types.



I think, it will be better if we have a message indicating that we have to import the legacy table schema in the System Type and then create the source table in Map.


And also, we need a message that indicates the user to first create the source table properly and then generate the source rules when we click on "Create All Source Rules" rather than having a message saying "Job Completed" when the legacy table schema is not imported.


Tom Ghinder

Gunter Creasey

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  • Feb 1 2017
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